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More about Our Values

Over time we also hope to use entirely renewable energy in our business. If there's anything else you think we should be doing for our world or the people in it, please let us know.

Beyond our ecological and ethical mission, we also want to encourage city dwellers to grow more flowers and learn to arrange them beautifully. We believe bold, natural flower displays can improve our domestic and working environments, add a dash of colour to our local communities and social projects and delight people of all ages.

We're passionate about what we do and we express our values in all our work. We want to make everyone who sees our displays think about flowers. And if you hire us, our informed ethical approach means your customers will know that you have thought about flowers too.

Our Philosophy

People aren't going to stop buying flowers, but they deserve to know about the problems with the cut flower industry, and to be offered an ethical alternative. We use sustainable sources and low-impact transport and packaging, creating beautiful displays that respect the natural world.

The Japanese word 'ikebana' means a 'place to arrange plants', but also 'to live' and 'to make life clearer'. Our floral installations embody the ikebana philosophy of natural forms, minimal use of resources, simplicity, clarity of line and elegance of form. Our sculptural designs, enticing scents and sensual colour combinations create an instant impact and capture the imagination.

Thinking Flowers brings the spirit of ikebana to our inner cities by working with nature, not against it. We bring together natural form and urban chic in one beautiful, ethical service, and deliver the joy of flowers to you, wherever you are.






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